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The Best Coworker Gift Idea
Tis’ the holiday season! This also means that your office Christmas or holiday party is most likely just hiding around the corner. So get ready and figure out what gift you want to give to your coworkers or for the Yankee swap at the office.

It can be quite difficult to look for good gifts to give to your coworkers. You only know them in the office, thus you have no idea about their hobbies, likes, or dislikes. Is a gag gift good to go? Should you give them a bottle of whiskey or wine and pray that they like to drink?

Of course you could. Or you might get them something better, something they will appreciate and use daily. Here are a few gifts for you to give to your coworkers that will surely make them happy read on to learn what to give.

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A Quirky Flash Drive

Flash drives are a common workplace holiday gift, plus there are a ton of fun styles for you to choose from. Knowing exactly who you are buying for is great as you will be able to fine tune your choice to best suit their interests. Or a cool lightsabler flash drive for that star wars fan in the office.

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Infusion Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important to stay healthy and it is also important in maintaining productivity in the workplace. Ensuring that your coworkers are hydrated and have a water bottle ready is the perfect gift for you to give them.

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Infusion water bottles have a cylinder at the center where you can add fruits to give your water a fresh and delicious hint of flavor.

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Drink Warmer
The fuel the drives the office are hot beverages. Be it a hot cup of tea or a hot cup of coffee, your coworkers are bound to thrive on a hot cup of something. And when things start to get hectic and busy around the office, that nice hot cup of something tends to get left forgotten and get cold.

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This is why an electric drink warmer is the perfect office gift. This small hot plate is able to handle any sized mug. Just plug the jig in and wait a couple of minutes and that cup of something will be warm again.

An Ergonomic Mousepad

Proper ergonomics in the office is highly important. Giving your coworker an ergonomic cushioned mousepad is a great way of giving safety and comfort to your coworker as the cushioned and ergonomic nature of the mousepad can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Your coworker will be happy to know that you care about their safety and wellbeing by giving them an ergonomic mousepad.